Folk Ballads Travel Across National Boundaries: A Report on Two day seminar on Folk Ballads

Dr H.S. Chandalia Folk Ballads are such popular narratives which are sung and travel across national boundaries. They reach beyond the language in which they are composed and get a new form in another language. There is a need to preserve the tradition of the folk ballad singers who are leading a tough life. There […]

Nature, Human and Education: The Other Name of Introspection is Monishar Pathorer Bon

Snigdha Bardhan Title: MONISHAR PATHORER BON, Author: Nigel Hughes, Translator: Dipen Bhattacharya, Publisher: Monfakira, Number of pages: 100, Price: Rs.120/- Nigel Hughes, Professor of Earth Science (The University of California, Riverside) is the author of Monisha and The Stone Forest and Dr Dipen Bhattacharya has translated it into Bengali, named Monishar Patharer Bon. Bhattacharya’s spontaneous […]

A Sonnet on Creative Intelligence

Debashish Chattopadhyay You think of the ‘noise-cancellation’ featureOnly in your ‘ear-phone box’What about the noises of subconscious nature?Can’t think out of the box! Prufrock can become modern HamletCan ‘Shantih’ replace ‘the waste land’?Thousand questions were asked to eternal ProphetTo discover the essence of the inner wizard-land. The creative intelligence operating from withinYour eyes are open […]

“Whiteness Studies” and the paradigm of “Black Aesthetics”

Dr Ayan Mondal Abstract Black aesthetics in respect of Afro-American literary criticism has always been a wide subject which morphed into diverse critical tendencies since the blacks gained considerable impetus to resist white hegemony. Not only  literature  ranging from different Afro-American slave narratives to bold protest narratives, but black-literary criticism as a whole became a […]