A Benediction

Aditi Bandyopadhyay

O Nature!

thou art so beautiful and serene

in the garb of resplendent green.

The pleasant breeze blows

and rivers in mazy motion flows

to inspire the mellow,

to have with ye a rendezvous…


O Nature!

thou art a cameo under the Sun

against the widespread horizon

that at once brings to mind

 thoughts of benevolence, truth and kind.

To follow ye is to be wise

to stay awake and to arise…


O Nature!

thou art my mentor, my guide

thou take me in thy lap and I abide.

Transport me from night to morn

I’ll never think myself to be forlorn

even though within the modern care’s web

that on specter of science hath fed.

The drudgery of mechanized living aches my sense

as though boulders in my mind are dense…….


O Nature!

Thou art so beautiful and serene

Make me thy kin.

About the Poet:

Assistant Professor, Department of English, Birbhum Mahavidyalaya, Suri

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