Teacher or Guide : A Student’s View

Syed Parvez Rahaman

A teacher is not a teacher,

Unless he knows how to teach me,

Many say that education is not a medicine that teacher will make you eat,

But I say then don’t call them teacher,

Rather confer them the title of a guide,

As they just show us the way right,

Teaching is not a profession, you come and practice,

A lot of dedication is needed in it,

My uncle says It’s diligence not intelligence that wins,

Others remark a student’s heart is tempted only if it’s provided a lot of materials with,

For a teacher giving time to teaching is important

But adding value to it is more than this,

Blind, deaf, lame, or some may speak through nose,

Like Rama Rupa Sarkar from Govinda Samanta,

Being physically handicapped it can’t be a teacher’s barrier,

As student’s absence only is,

Hither or thither you’ll get to see,

That a dedicated teacher is always interested in teaching,

Even in the holidays if a teacher calls us,

To attend his class,

That is rich in information,

And jolly in taste,

Then with no shout-doubt we should attend it,

Unless it’s emergency don’t restrain yourself to be in.

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