Life: As it is

Sk Benajir

It’s hell out here!

Come feel the scars for once ,

If you dare

You know how it is here

Here, you gnaw with the thoughts of expectations

That is never going to to be the reality

‘cause you will miss each mark by an inch

Still your hope never dies

And you continue to wallow with the pain of anguish.


With that decked up smile and I give a damn look

You’re almost there, picture perfect

But the bitter sugarcoats resonates,

And nightmarish memories frequents ,

Broken , still you flap the broken wings

Only to be bogged down a bit harder this time .


Yes ,those were just myths

Rather some stupid school book shits

Angels, fairies- and all those morals

There is none of it here.

Here , love stabs you with loads of love intact in the eyes.


Here, you can just keep perishing

But as you perish , take all of them in an overlapping embrace

Never to be resurrected ever again

Or , just be your own light

Glow till you outshine or burn out.

About the Poet:

Assistant Professor of English, Barjora College, Bankura, West Bengal

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