A Sonnet on Creative Intelligence

Debashish Chattopadhyay

You think of the ‘noise-cancellation’ feature
Only in your ‘ear-phone box’
What about the noises of subconscious nature?
Can’t think out of the box!

Prufrock can become modern Hamlet
Can ‘Shantih’ replace ‘the waste land’?
Thousand questions were asked to eternal Prophet
To discover the essence of the inner wizard-land.

The creative intelligence operating from within
Your eyes are open so you are blind!
And you are seeking Him madly
In the competitive intellectual society!

The frame-house glitters, ‘Bible’ is in Belinda’s toilet
Home suffers in darkness, we are still naked!

About the Poet:

SACT-1, Purnidevi Chowdhury Girls’College, Bolpur,Birbhum

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