Nature, Human and Education: The Other Name of Introspection is Monishar Pathorer Bon

Snigdha Bardhan Title: MONISHAR PATHORER BON, Author: Nigel Hughes, Translator: Dipen Bhattacharya, Publisher: Monfakira, Number of pages: 100, Price: Rs.120/- Nigel Hughes, Professor of Earth Science (The University of California, Riverside) is the author of Monisha and The Stone Forest and Dr Dipen Bhattacharya has translated it into Bengali, named Monishar Patharer Bon. Bhattacharya’s spontaneous […]

Debayan Deb Barman and Susanta Kumar Bardhan. Edited. Post Independence Indian Theatres: Critical Perspectives. Jaipur: Yking Books. Pp. i-xi + 272. 2020. ISBN: 978-93-87945-85-2. ₹1825/-

Abhisek Das, Assistant Professor in English, Govt. General Degree College, Narayangarh In the “Introduction: Reacting (to) Empire” of Post Colonial Drama: Theory, practice, politics, Helen Gilbert and Joanne Tompkins have expressed their inability to contain the vast and rich tradition of Indian drama in details as only a part of their book and further added […]

Mala Sharma. The Twilight Shades: A Study of Dear Life by Alice Munro. New Delhi: Atlantic Publications. (2020). ISBN: 978-81-269-3158-3. ₹595/-

Reviewed by Susanta Kumar Bardhan, Associate Professor of English, Suri Vidyasagar College, West Bengal So when I write a story I want to make a certain kind of structure, and I know the feeling I want to get from being inside that structure. This is the hard part of the explanation, where I have to […]