Volume 7, Issue 1, 2, 3, 4 | July 2020 & April 2021


We are in the midst of yet another year and there is still no respite from the demonic downplay of human worth by the invisible virus called Covid-19. Nature has so many tricks up her sleeve that we hardly can claim any dominance over her even though we might often think so. The last year was shrouded with the death news of several veterans in different fields. Many of them perhaps would have still survived if there were no disease such as Covid Pneumonia and post Covid complications. Since the disease showed a sign of gradual decrease in its effective prowess with the turn of the last year, most of us expected it might eventually lead to a mask free carefree life very soon. But that did not happen. It returned with more might and this time casualties were greater in numbers. We lost Padma Bhushan poet Shankha Ghosh and the Padma Shri athlete Milkha Singh to Covid among innumerable other losses. Though not in Covid, we lost another Bengali poet-cum-film director of international repute, Buddhadeb Dasgupta recently too. The vacuum created by their departure can never be filled again.

Surrounded as we are with such unwelcome news every now and then, it is very strenuous often to continue in any critical as well as creative venture. Even then the show must go on. In this continuous battle between life and death we must take side with the force of life. As Donne says, “Death, be not proud, though some have called thee/ Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so,” we, too, should challenge the Devil in the face to carry on the march unabated. So here is another result of the effort from our end. This is a compilation of last four issues together (Volume 7, Issue I-IV, July 2020 & April 2021) which we could not publish earlier for various reasons. We have six critical articles, both by eminent academicians and the neophytes. Hope these articles will show some new trajectories of arguments in the academic field. We have poems from three hitherto unpublished poets too whose poetic voice is worth listening. The way you so far have supported our journal unconditionally is truly encouraging for us. It has only heightened our desire to achieve more through our sincerest efforts in the coming days. We wish you a worry free life till we seek your attention next with another issue.

30 April 2021

Susanta Kumar Bardhan

Abhisek Das

Arijit Ghosh


  1. Traditional Healing Process of Chakmas – Mr. L. B. Chakma & Dr. Susanta Kumar Bardhan
  2. The Mother without a Child: Exploration of Motherhood, Nation and the Woman in Gabriela Mistral’s Poetry – Indranil Acharya and Supromit Maiti

  3. Implication of darkness in Heart of DarknessDr. Pritesh Chakraborty

  4. Politics of Power, Scrappy Connubial Relationship and Manic-Repressive Psychosis: A Review of Anita Desai’s Where Shall We Go This Summer? – Subrata Kumar Rana

  5. An Overview of Online Teaching-learning During Pandemic – Joydeep Mukherjee

  6. Nature-Human, Foster in Reciprocation: A Look into Pather Panchali by Bibhutibhusan Bandopadhyay – Trisita Ganguly


  1. I Had a Sweet Tongue – Abdur Rakib

  2. I Walk Beside My ParentsAbdur Rakib

  3. This is the Dead Land – Chitta Adhikari

  4. Virtue Exists in Dark – Awasim Bari
  5. Burning Desire – Awasim Bari