Dr Sushil Kumar

THE Past amplified memories in totality,

But the present minimizes the bad ones.

Memories like witnesses don’t tell the present’s truth.

Thanks to those, who transformed the moment into a slide of stock,

Which is still in a position to rewind the reel.


Sometimes words were of the agony,

Sometimes loaded with the genuine kindness,

But the concluding words only fall into a tub of hope,

And carry forward to march a long distance.


Emotions served as a commitment device,

It behaved as a strategic signal,

Slowly but confirmedly paved into the word’s womb,

And now,

The commitment has reached its own height,

Where the fulfillment shall be read out in the course of catastrophe.


The commitment is reincarnated in a modernized shape,

Where words jump here and there in non-existence,

And sit on the core of heart to liberate its existence.


A new voyage of words and hearts begin,

Word behaves like sword and pen,

Heart feels in an ivory tower,

Where the hidden agenda works in the workshop of Letting Down.


Now ‘I love you’ fluctuates depending on the voltage of cultures,

It was exclusively the land of heightened romantic declaration,

It is now a locution of words that drives the car in the pedestrian’s street.

Yet someone carries the dead on their decline collagen.


About the poet:
Dr Sushil Kumar, Associate Professor, PG Department of English, Magadh University, Bodhgaya, Bihar