Human, at Home?

Debashish Chattopadhyay

Ignorance is human’s ‘Greymalkin’

Always on beck and call to Ego. Satisfaction!

Anything can be achieved by Mirandola’s ‘Man’

Development, deforestation, denigration. Perfection?

Engineering the passion of neuroplastic behaviour

To dress up with ‘Emotional Intelligence’, Goleman’s! Foucault’s

‘power-knowledge’ revolves like ‘Foucault’s pendulum’

To torque the hunger to conquer. At home feelings!

Pandemic spreads through to lockdown the superpower ‘Clear

stream’ of Lucifer chiaroscuros into ‘dreary desert sand of

dead habit’. Cold war!

The potential mask-man is no longer at ease

Nature nurtures itself, leaving humans in dis-ease!

About the Poet:

SACT-1, Purnidevi Chowdhury Girls’ College
Bolpur, Birbhum, West Bengal
Phone No- 8327882538
Mail id- [email protected]