Mala Sharma. The Twilight Shades: A Study of Dear Life by Alice Munro. New Delhi: Atlantic Publications. (2020). ISBN: 978-81-269-3158-3. ₹595/-

Reviewed by Susanta Kumar Bardhan, Associate Professor of English, Suri Vidyasagar College, West Bengal So when I write a story I want to make a certain kind of structure, and I know the feeling I want to get from being inside that structure. This is the hard part of the explanation, where I have to […]

Baul, Tagore and Humanism

Joydeep Mukherjee & Dr Susanta Kumar Bardhan Abstract The study attempts to deal with the age old folksong tradition called Baul in relation to its humanistic aspects and its impact on Tagore. An attempt has been made to study the source and history of Baul already existing in several books mentioned in the Bibliography for […]

Jardar Kouto

Ramkrishna Mandal translated by Dr. Susanta Kumar Bardhan After the completion of Puja (Here Puja refers to Durgapuja—Four- Day-Worship of the goddess Durga in the Late Auumn season), Hemlata was leaving the home of her first son Purnendu for that of her second and last son Ardhendu. She used to stay for two months each […]