Absence of the Real from the Reel: Politics of Exclusion and Cinematic Aloofness for the Dalit Cause in Popular Bengali Films of Recent Decades

Probhat Chandra Hazra Junior Research Fellow, Dept. of English, Visva-Bharati Abstract The construction of a homogeneous national identity through the filmic narratives has been one of the most persistent tropes of the Indian cinematic culture for a long time now. The popular Hindi cinema in particular has made a conscious attempt to appeal the elite […]

The Politics of Representation: Cultural Appropriation and Ethnicity in Kalyana Rao’s Untouchable Spring

Dr Baisali Hui Abstract Dalit identity and its literary representation have long been a contentious field of discussion. The translation of Kalyana Rao’s masterpiece Untouchable Spring into English brings to focus many issues such as cultural appropriation and subversion of mainstream assumptions about Dalit life and ideology. How primitive art forms were modified and reinvested […]